Role of Women in Society

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“In Chess the small one can become the big one.”


queen katwe gloria

Not since “Searching for Bobby Fischer”  has a Chess movie provided such inspiration.  Actually, I’m speechless after seeing it!  

There is a reason why this movie is distributed by Disney, because you must see it with your kids and then carry on the  5 Conversations to Have with Your Kids After ‘Queen of Katwe’.

As a follower of the work of Dr. Carl G. Jung, I am partial to one particular piece of wisdom, which emerged from the movie, “Sometimes the place you are used to, is not the place you belong.  You belong where you believe you belong.”  This is the essence of the quest for Individuation as Dr. Jung explained it.  If you understand this last piece of wisdom after seeing what it means in the movie, you will understand Dr. Jung’s concept:  

“What matters is when you reset the pieces and PLAY AGAIN!”

This is a perfect movie, with a wonderful soundtrack, the ugly made beautiful and the beautiful made ugly, and excellent performances by a sparkling cast.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to teach your children about the world we actually live in today, both in Uganda and in the United States and the rest of the world.  

Documentary on the Life of 18-Year Old Phiona Mutesi


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